Intentional Business

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Intentional Business
12-24 weeks
Ideal for
  • First time online service providers
  • First time founders (product or service)
  • Freelancers looking to build business structures
  • Consultants - Professional services
  • Design or Strategy startups
  • Digital + Print Designers
  • Strategists
  • Creative makers

This little business idea went to market

This 12-24 week program is designed to help new founders and companies to build out and develop business models for their products or services with intentionality, focus, and robust organizational structures. You'll come out of this program with

  • A viable business model canvas which has been prototyped and tested
  • A minimum of one clearly defined core offering scoped and developed to bring to market
  • Clear understanding of your initial organizational structure
  • A deep understanding of who your customers are and how your company will deliver value and benefits to them

The Process

Every engagement starts with an initial conversation to learn more about you and your unique business needs.

What we'll do

More than just making a business plan that's for sure

Together we'll collaborate on designing your business' core structures and systems.

While also developing a single offering or proof of concept

...for actual people, test and get actionable feedback from your target market and customers,

to determine its overall viability–quickly, with deep intentionality and care.

How it's done

We'll cover 10 modules over the course of 12-24 weeks to develop, design, and test frameworks for your business systems & design processes

Structured feedback and strategy sessions weekly

Using a combination of remote collaboration tools

3 half–day workshops on

  • Business model design
  • User research + Customer strategy
  • Testing plan development

What you'll do

Design a business that works around your life, the way you want it to be

Establish the foundation to grow all aspects of your business sustainably, with confidence.

Improve your clarity and focus while creating repeatable, scaleable processes

Understand your ecosystem, layer by layer, with deep intentionality from the beginning for the right people

By solving actual problems with thoughtful, elegant solutions meeting the needs of your customers

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