Chief Collaboration Officer

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Chief Collaboration Officer
Ideal for

Solo-ish business owners who need an extra set of skills to build toward their goals

The Collaborator-in-Chief you need.

Sometimes we all need a Collaborator-in-Chief to work with, someone outside of our business who can come in with strong expertise in operations, design, strategy + implementation and a fresh perspective to help us keep moving in the right direction.

Collaboration is the greatest cheat code to being able to grow your business and ideas!

Having someone there to keep you on track, and help you move sustainably toward your goals, vision, and also happens to have the skills of five-different-people-in-one, at once, means you can breathe and focus on your growth in a sustainable, equitable, intentional way.

Think of collaboration as an investment in yourself, your business, and your clients that will continue to pay back huge dividends over time–even long after our engagement is over.

The Process

Every engagement starts with an initial conversation to learn more about you and your unique business needs.

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