Business Design

Recurring - Monthly
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Business Design
Ideal for
  • Creative freelancers
  • Creative agencies
  • First time business owners
  • Solo business owners
  • Serial entrepreneurs
  • Prospective business owners

One size doesn't fit all

Are you at your limit of how much you can do by yourself and very aware that you could use some  help

Maybe you have a business idea and are wanting to see if it's really worth pursuing

or your business is already getting a lot of traction with clients and you want to make sure you have processes in place to keep the momentum going, but don't know where to start

Monthly retainer engagements are great for anyone growing their company, scaling up operations, and are beginning to look for outside funding and need help tightening up your process, systems, and operations

For creative freelancers, agency owners, and my fellow service providers, Augur's business design consulting offers the ability to pursue bigger clients or large projects through strategic partnerships, allowing you to get more done without having to hire another person full-time

The Process

Every engagement starts with an initial conversation to learn more about you and your unique business needs.

Starting with strategy

While each client engagement or project is different, the basics stay the same:

Intro 15 minute project inquiry to determine if collaboration is a good fit

1 hour Strategy Consultation session

After each strategy session, clients receive a summary via Notion document

Retainer + per project

Clients will be sent a proposal outline the terms of the engagement and strategy call summary

You'll have time to review and ask any questions you may have

Sign contract and pay deposits to begin work

Engagement kick off call

Project closeout

Engagement retrospective

Why co-design?

Get custom solutions that are tailored exactly to your unique business needs

Have someone else to help you validate ideas, and ask the right questions at the right times

Meeting you where you're at whether you're a brand new business, in early growth stages, an established business, serial entrepreneur, or growing creative agency

Alison is a great leader with the ability to listen and give excellent feedback. I enjoyed the consulting session and the workshops. After one session I had set a deliverable milestone for my MVP, got reassured of solution my company should focus on, applied creative design thinking, and I'm on my way to creating my pitch deck.
Alex Hutchi
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If you ever had an idea that you thought would be cool but you never had the right set of people to help make it happen, now you do! So send over a message and let's chat.

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