Early Stage Startups

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Early Stage Startups
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Teams in the throes of growth, focusing on scaling their product or service and haven't been able to dedicate the time or necessary attention to building out and developing their internal business systems, structures, and processes.

The outside perspective you need to grow and scale.

A hallmark of early stage startups for first time founders or seasoned-but-lean teams is often that Executive team members are wearing too many hats at once, not able to give their full attention to any one specific area.

Worried about burning through capital to make the right hires and there's never enough time, money, or talent available when you need it. Your business needs the skills of five different people in one, at once, so you can breathe and get back to focusing on your growth in a sustainable way.

It may seem as if there's always another fire starting when one has been put out, and while you don't know what you don't know, you do know your business would benefit from the help and expertise of a "Swiss-Army knife" generalist with deep tines of expertise in strategy, design, and project management.

The Process

Every engagement starts with an initial conversation to learn more about you and your unique business needs.

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