Augur Business Audit

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Augur Business Audit
1 Month
Ideal for

If you’re seeing traction, but want to fine tune your processes to make sure your growth is sustainable

  • Solo business owners
  • Freelancers
  • Service providers

It's like self care, for your business

Are you able to fully show up in your business the way you want to?

I'll help you slow down, step back, and take an objective, introspective look at how you're showing up in your business working with you to build repeatable systems and scalable process that work–it's a bit like business therapy.

The Process

Every engagement starts with an initial conversation to learn more about you and your unique business needs.

What we do

We'll break down four key areas of your business

Uncover your niche: identify the unsolved problems and unmet needs of customers

Establish clarity around who your actual customers are + how you'll identify them

Your future goals + long term vision for your business

How your business systems are organized and structured

How it's done

30 day program overview

Session One: Identifying business needs

Five days of reflective exercises

Session Two: Determining business goals, systems, and structures

Set a 30-day business goal using Objective and Key Results (OKRs)

Two - 15 minute accountability calls to support you in accomplishing your 30 day goal

What you'll do

During the audit process

Deepen the alignment between your personal values and your business goals

Identify repeatable systems and processes for your business that save time and allow you to show up at your best

Have customers raving because you are able to consistently deliver outcomes you are proud of

Show up in your business with precise focus and actionable goals

This business audit with @YouSoFancy has given me so much clarity I didn’t know I needed after only 1 session 🤯 Can’t thank u enough Alison can’t wait to complete session 2 💃🏾
Allie Tsahey | Founder–Baddies In Tech
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