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People and Profits

The old ways of doing business are over. Augur helps you design, build, and scale a business that is sustainable for yourself, your team, and the planet.

Augur Business Audit

I don't want people to think they have to go it alone, or have all the answers, as entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey.

The Augur Business Audit is a month long program to help you align and design a business that sustains you and your long-term goals.

Items atop a table: Airpods, Field Notes notebook, a journal measuring progress and daily tasks, a closed apple laptop, and a small 4"x6" card saying Never Settle

Intentional Business

I believe in co-creating value with my clients, I'll be there to provide expert guidance and assistance

The Intentional Business is a 3 month business design and development program which takes your idea from a dream to fully tested MVP or Proof of Concept.

Custom Consulting

Monthly retainer engagements are great for anyone growing their company and scaling up operations.

Especially for teams beginning to look for outside funding and need help tightening up internal process, systems, and operations.

Alison is a great leader with the ability to listen and give excellent feedback. I enjoyed the consulting session and the workshops. After one session I had set a deliverable milestone for my MVP, got reassured of solution my company should focus on, applied creative design thinking, and I'm on my way to creating my pitch deck.
- Alex Hutchi, 5 minute gamer podcast

Hey there, it's me, Alison

Business designer and implementation specialist.
I help startups, freelancers, and consultants build and scale profitable businesses that put people first.

I've honed fifteen years of experience in art, design, project management, and more with companies such as Wyndham Hotels, Ace Hotel Group, Littler Mendelson, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, and Twitch.

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If you ever had an idea that you thought would be cool but you never had the right set of people to help make it happen, now you do! So send over a message and let's chat.

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